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Shogo Makishima, main antagonist of season 1 of Psycho-Pass. The story unfolds in a future authoritarian dystopia, where the mental health of every citizen of Japanese society is quantified using ubiquitous public electronic devices called “Sybil” to identify future criminals.

Shogo, humanist, speaker and accomplished philosopher, he continues to study the human race for the sole purpose of satisfying his need for cruelty by manipulating weak minds who wish to awaken their true wills in crime.

This 1/6 scale diorama contains various references of the series in connection with the character and very faithfully transcribes the complexity of this character as well as his share of mystery. The luxury packaging (Artbox, black foam …) will include the numbered diorama and its certificate of authenticity.

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  • License

  • Ladder

  • Project director
    Mattheï MAES & Edouard VELAY

  • Artistic direction
    Mattheï Maes

  • Concept
    Enrico Simonato

  • Sculptor
    Claudio Saavedra Iriarte

  • Estimated delivery
    Q3 2020

  • Materials