Kami-Arts is a French company created in 2019 specializing in the design and the manufacture of statues, busts and collectible figures.
Born of a common passion, our team is committed to always offer quality products since we are above all collectors like you.
By offering you figures derived from mangas, movies, series and video games, we want to satisfy the greatest number and allow you to get your favorite characters at home!

All our creations are under official licenses and in limited editions, we guarantee you unique and collector’s products.
We make a point on working with the best artists to bring to life characters or scenes that we would be proud to have on our shelves as part of our own collections.

« Our values are Quality, Commitment, Availability, Responsibility and Trust »


Kami translates as “spirit”.
A kami is a spirit revered in the Shinto religion.

Kami are generally elements of nature, animals or the creative forces of the universe. It can also be the spirits of deceased people. The kamis are part of nature itself.
In some cases, kamis are personified deities such as Izanagi or Izanami. Many kamis are considered ancient ancestors of the clans.
In belief, kamis are supposed to be hidden from our world and live in a parallel space which is a reflection of ours, called shinkai.

The main kamis:
– Izanami, goddess of creation then of death
– Izanagi, god of creation
– Amaterasu, the goddess of the sun
– Hachiman, the god of war
– Kotoamatsukami, the first kamis at the time of the creation of the universe
– Omoikane, the goddess of wisdom
– Tsukuyomi, the moon god
– Susanoo, the god of the seas and the storm
– Inari, the deity of rice
– Saruta-hiko, the god of the earth
– Uzume, the goddess of gaiety
– Ryūjin, the dragon god of the sea and lightning
– Shinigami, god of death
– Raiden, god of thunder
– Fujin, god of the wind